Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blog Notes 12/19/09

The poll has closed with a tie.

The first person to email me a tie-breaking vote - regardless of whether or not they have already voted - will decide between "James Cameron" and " 'Chick Flicks' of the Aughts".

I haven't posted in a week - this is true. In my defense: the holidays are stressful and I have been under the weather. You can look forward to plenty of content in the coming days.

UPDATE: (12/20/09)
I appreciate the enthusiasm for a "Chick Flicks" of the Aughts series, and I promise to get to that project soon. In the meantime, stay tuned for a look back at the work of James Cameron - including a response to Avatar - as well as (hopefully) a return to more frequent posting.


  1. Cameron! Am I first? I'm really drunk right now, so the fact that I'm even typing this should give me some props, right? And it is fairly legible too! C'mon!

  2. DAMN IT. I really wanted Chick Flicks of the Aughts. I love it when you're snarky. I'm going to email you *my* vote right now, in the hopes that comments don't count.